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Born: 06 August 1984     –     Died: 12 April 2015 Juan Jose was born in Lansing, Michigan on August 6, 1984 to Jose Antonio Munoz and Lorraine Omega Todd. Juan Jose died in Pueblo,… Continue reading

How To Work with Google News Archive

Updated on 01 Dec 2014 In my last posting I wrote about the date error on The Argus Press newspaper collection in Google News Archive list . This posting will show you how… Continue reading

Table Index of Posts on Blog with links

Update Jan 2015 to original Table of Postings. You can click on the individual titles and go to that posting. Original Post: Here is a hint for bloggers: Document in a table or… Continue reading

Family Trees – The MIONSIOG List – Update – 4

Readers of my blog know that I create family trees using information off of old newspaper items. Since I create these trees on, only users get to learn about these obscure… Continue reading

John Miller obit – 1901

As readers of my blog know, I create trees using information off of old newspaper items. Once I create the tree and attach a screen print of the news item, I then try… Continue reading

Povey and Partridge families connection 1899 – Michigan

Why should I follow a branch that is not mine? I wrote a piece about this subject a while back and I have now found another good example of why you should follow… Continue reading

Pay attention to newspaper dates!

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find an item in the newspaper? The problem may be with the collection and not the newspaper or your eye sight. I am working on… Continue reading

Pat Mc Carran political Ad 1944 – Nevada

Sometimes a political ad will give you just as much information as an official record, for instance this 1944 political ad in the Nevada newspaper. In the ad they have his bio I… Continue reading

Genealogical Forum of Oregon

I was in Portland, Oregon this past week (April 2015) visiting my son Peter and his family. While I was there, Peter told me he saw a Genealogical sign when he was biking… Continue reading

1935 – Foley wed Correll – where is Carl Zube?

I found a marriage item in a 1935 newspaper and sent out messages to owners of family trees who had these two people on their trees (see below for links).     =====… Continue reading

The Old Mare Knew the Way Home

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Image of Alabama and Market street stands circa 1912. Families who had “truck gardens” came here to sell their wares This is the perfect…

DISCOVERY: Slave Name Roll Project

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The 1870 brick wall is no less surmountable in cyberspace than it is in the analog archives of today’s courthouses. Court records from times past divulge…

Judd Cantrell Jr – 1927 Story – South Carolina

I saw a story in the 1927 “Herald-Journal” newspaper and thought I would put it on a tree so others could see the story. I created a tree called “Judd Cantrell Jr. hit… Continue reading

Wife Kansas 1928

Spartanburg, S. C. The Spartanburg Herald Spartanburg, S. C. Herald-Journal – Dec 16, 1928

Interesting Blog

My son sent me this blog… I totally agree with him it is a very interesting Blog:

WWI – Casualty List

I didn’t know that in 1918 they had a daily casualty list published in the newspapers. This is from Nov 22, 1918 issue of “The San Antonio Light”.


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Hi, my name is Maria Robinson nee Belcher. I have lived in Pateley Bridge for the last 26years and since last September I have been…