WarkaWater Towers

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Sustain By Design

While there are some really interesting projects and organizations working to get clean, fresh water to parts of rural Africa, I love the WarkaWater towers for their simplicity in concept and design. Arturo Vittori and Andreas Vogler of Architecture and Vision developed the structures for water collection and named them after the Warka, an endangered species of wild fig tree native to Ethiopia.

Fog present in the mountainous regions of Ethiopia is captured as condensation in the 30′ tall WarkaWater towers, which are capable of collecting up to 25 gallons of fresh water a day. Each tower is built with two sections: the framework which is usually built from stalks or juncus or bamboo, and an internal mesh of nylon and polypropylene fibers. Condensation follows the mesh down into the basket structure and into a basin at the bottom of the structure.


Each tower can be made from local materials…

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